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Adam T. Ettinger is the main lawyer behind HashFast.

We have only tiny amounts of public informations available about this attorney and it's evolvement with HashFast, and given that this wiki will only include referenced public domain data, this page has to be forcefully short. However, there are a couple of details that some might find interesting.

Wrong HashFast Official Business Address

HashFast wrong postal code in the California official business database

As per the California Business Search Website [1], the address of Ettinger's business matches with the one of HashFast Technologies LLC, but for a little detail:

Strategic Counsel Corp.
649 Mission Street, 5th Floor
San Francisco CA 94105


HashFast Technologies LLC
649 Mission ST 5th FL
San Francisco CA 90291
An example of certified mail with the wrong address returned to sender

As you can see, standing to the official business registration database of California, the postal code for a company located in San Francisco is actually in San Jose.

Probably due to this unexplainable error, some of the client's [2] refund demand letters were returned to sender.

Given the short deadline (15 days) for the delivery of those demand letters, this error in the official business registration database is certainly interesting.


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