John Skrodenis

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John in a HashFast marketing video

First HashFast employee. Designed and executed the marketing strategy that would have resulted into countless losses for their customers. North of $15M standing to HashFast's schedules, probably half an order of magnitude more when computing the promised BTC refunds and other claims. VP of Sales and Marketing.

Promised Full BTC Refunds

Along with Simon Barber [1] John has been reported to have promised a full Bitcoin refund of the same amount paid during a visit of a customer [2] to their San Francisco HQ:

 Another topic was the possibility of refunds and John was 
 pretty specific that if refunds do happen they will be full refunds 
 in the currency the order was paid in (BTC in BTC, USD in USD)

A HashFast employee acknowledge the report and thanked the customer for passing by [3].

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