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Simon (left) receiving the first [1] HashFast PCB, 8 December 2013, 50 days after the promised shipping date.

Cofounder of HashFast with Eduardo Decastro. Responsible of the technical development of the Golden Nonce ASIC. His full name is Simon E. M. Barber

Promised Full BTC Refunds

When asked on [2] if they would refund the same amount of Bitcoin payed as per they Terms of Sale, Simon promptly replied in an affirmative manner [3].

While the answer is not strictly clear, it does not leave much room to interpretation:

  • Simon was answering to a post where both alternatives, "Same BTC Amount" and "USD value at the time of purchase", were questioned. He quoted the first option, and this alone is a partial answer in the Forum Slang that Simon should to be fluent with - given the his technical position.
  • The answer was read from the community that posted the immediate replies in two ways:
    • As a way to play the customers [4] - given the interpretable answer given to such an important question.
    • As a confirmation that BTC refunds would indeed have been issued [5].
  • Simon replied to this last post [6] refusing to comment every other contestation about his last interpretable answer.

Given those points, it's evident that if Simon didn't actually promised full Bitcoin refunds with his answer (since that this is open to interpretation), he at least tried to pursue his customers into believing that if such refunds where to be issued, they would have been of the same Bitcoin amount.

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