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HashFast Terms of Sale have been subjected to many changes since the first retail sale (8 of August 2013).

Some of those changes where not reflected in the "last updated" or "version" footnote of the Terms of Sales. For this reason, we encourage you to investigate what terms of sales where online at the time you placed your order. Those are the only enforceable.

On the web

At 8 August 2013

  • Claims to be Ver. 1.B – Revised August 8, 2013
  • First know version of the Terms of Sales
  • Saved by a customer who bought at the time, HF never sent an email confirmation with this ToS
  • Some customer that purchased when this ToS was enforced claimed to have received a different version in the email confirmation sent from HF

At 25 August 2013

At 28 August 2013

Unknown version 1.D - 1.E

  • No data available

? - 22 September 2013 - 08 November 2013 - ?

Unknown intermediate versions

  • No data available

25 November 2013

  • Saved by customer from web
  • Version no longer specified;
  • (comparison pending)
  • Delivery
    • Changed: "refund the payment" -> "provide a refund"
    • Changed: Batch 2 terms
    • Added: Batch 3 terms
    • Furher changed cancel/refund terms
  • Changed IP rights (software, etc)
  • Warranty
    • Changed terms
    • Added USD refunds only
  • Export: slightly changed terms
  • Governing law and arbitration:
    • Moved (mandatory and binding) arbitration from Santa Clara to San Francisco
    • Restricted the rights of arbitrator so that it can not award punitive or other compensatory damages
  • Termination: slightly changed terms
  • CONTRACT CONSTRUCTION: changed terms
  • (comparison pending)


  • (Collection and comparison pending)
  • See here

In email

First 8-19 days of sales (exact time unknown)

  • At least up to the 15 August, no Terms of Sale was sent in order confirmation emails.
  • Instead, (at least) one user has got this text in email on the 17th of August.

Orders made (at least) on 26 August 2013

  • Claims to be updated as of 5 of August 2013, while this conflicts with the previous releases
  • Many, many differences compared to the ToS which was most likely in effect at that time (see the "on the web" section above)
  • (Comparison pending)

Later orders